Dedicato a tutti quelli che…

… hanno votato. … hanno tifato. … hanno gufato. … ci hanno creduto e ci continuano a credere.

[…] And beware you sagging diplomats,

for you will not hear one gun

And though our homes be torn

and ransacked we will not be undone

For as we let ourselves be bought,

we’re gonna let ourselves be free

And if you think we stand alone,

look again and you will see:


We are children in the rafters,

We are babies in the park,

We are lovers at the movies,

We are candles in the dark,

We are changes in the weather,

We are snowflakes in July,

We are women grown together,

We are men who easily cry,

We are words not quickly spoken,

We’re the deeper side of try,

We are dreamers in the making,

We are not afraid of “Why?”

Kim Ferron + Indigo Girls, It won’t take long

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